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Student Handbook

To make the student’s life easier, we have designed the student handbook. This handbook serves as a general guide for the new students, and helps them in understanding and familiarizing themselves with the BIT atmosphere and culture. The handbook contains the policies, procedures, rules and regulations which all students will have to follow at the campus.

For better understanding, we have divided the handbook into 2 sections

Dress Code

Students are expected to be decently dressed on all occasions within the Institute premises. Gowns will be worn on special occasions such as congregations and at other times as may be specified.

Dress Code for Female Students
  • During ceremonies (e.g., matriculation, congregation etc.), all female students must be formally dressed. The formal dress code includes a smart skirt suit, trouser suit, skirt and blouse with covered shoes or sandals.
  • The skirts or dresses should be at least knee-length.
  • Tight or strapless dresses or blouses or tops with spaghetti straps without a jacket is prohibited.
  • Over clinging clothing, including hip-stand trousers. are not allowed.
  • Short tops which do not cover the navel or bust area properly are not allowed within the premises.
  • Transparent dresses must be worn with inner-wear or lining.
  • The use of bathroom slippers is not allowed.
  • Formal trouser suits with jackets to match and smart traditional dresses are encouraged.
  • Hairstyles and accessories should be decent and moderate.
  • Pierced parts of the body, except the ears, should not be adorned with ornaments.
  • Wearing of jewels such as chains or bangles around the ankle is strictly prohibited.
Dress Code for Male Students
  • Male students are expected to dress formally during ceremonies like matriculation, congregation, etc. This includes a shirt tucked neatly into trousers, a tie to match and with or without a jacket, and a pair of covered shoes.
  • Face cap or any other cap, scarves, braided bushy hair or earrings are not allowed.
  • Low fastening of trousers below the waist line or the hip line is not allowed.
  • Wearing a long- sleeved shirt with unbuttoned sleeves or folded-up sleeves is not allowed.
  • Shirts must be properly tucked into the trousers.
  • The shirt collars should not be left flying.
  • French suits and smart traditional dresses are encouraged.
  • Wearing only an undershirt or vest is prohibited for male students.
Bullying or Harassment policy

All students should follow decent and appropriate behavior on the institute campus. At BIT, we strictly prohibit discrimination, including harassment and retaliation, based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, gender identity or genetic information. The institute encourages anyone who feels they have been the subject of discrimination to report the matter immediately to the administrative authorities. All members of the institute are responsible for participating in creating a campus environment free from all forms of prohibited discrimination.

Disciplinary Actions

Balsam Institute of Science & Technology has a standing Disciplinary Committee that investigates all cases involving student misconduct and prescribes appropriate sanctions. The degrees of disciplinary action in the Institute include:

  • Reprimand,
  • Probation,
  • Suspension, and / or
  • Expulsion

Reprimand is a verbal admonition given to the student, according to the circumstances of the particular case. Probation is a trial period of a person’s suitability, which may be academic and/ or disciplinary in nature. Suspension is separation from the Institute for a specified period as determined by the Disciplinary Committee of the Institute in accordance with the severity of the particular case.

Expulsion is permanent separation from the Institute. The Institute will thoroughly investigate all reports of misconduct before appropriate steps are taken.

Attendance Policy

It is important for all students to follow the attendance policy as specified by the rules of Balsam Institute of Technology. Missing a lot of classes can create huge gaps in the learning process that could lead to academic failure. Late coming and absenteeism are discouraged. Attendance at lectures/tutorials, seminars, practicals and the submission of other assignments approved by the Institute are mandatory.

Change of Name

As a rule, Balsam Institute of Technology does not accept any change of name(s). Students are advised to complete their courses with the same names they used during their admission to their programs.

Student Identity Card

All students should carry the Balsam Institute of Technology’s Identification Card at all times. Any student who has lost or misplaced his/ her ID Card must report it immediately to the Deputy Registrar (Academic) for replacement at a fee.

Duration of Study Programs

The minimum period for completion of a program shall be in accordance with the requirements of the specific program. A maximum of 4 and 2 additional academic years will be allowed to complete a 4-year (B.Sc.) and 2-year Diploma programs, respectively. These minimum and maximum periods are calculated from the date of first registration for the program.

Deferment of Program

Students may defer their study program for two continuous semesters only, provided that the maximum period allowable for completing the program is not exceeded. A student who wishes to interrupt his/ her study program has to apply in advance to the Registrar through the Head of Department, stating the reasons for the interruption. The decision of the Dean shall be communicated to the Registrar, who shall then communicate to the applicant the duly granted permission before he/ she leaves the Institute.

A student, who interrupts his/ her studies program for more than four continuous semesters will
be deemed to have lost any accumulated credits. Such a student may however, be allowed to re-
apply for admission into the Institute.

In cases where the grounds for interruption of studies are medical, the advice of an approved medical officer shall be required on the propriety and length of the period of interruption.
Any student who does not go through the approved procedures before interrupting his/her studies shall be deemed to have abandoned his/her studentship. The Registrar will be entitled to remove such a student from the student rolls.

Inability to Complete Study program within Maximum Period

If a student fails to meet all requirements for the Award of a Degree or Diploma within the maximum period, they will lose all accumulated credits and their studentship will be cancelled. Such a student may, however, be allowed to re-apply for admission into the Institute.

Academic Progress

Academic progress is measured by the student’s academic standing at the end of each session. A student is considered to be in good standing if his/her CGPA is not less than 1.50 at the end of each session of the program. The academic progress is measured by calculating the Cumulative Grade Point Average[CGPA]. It is the average of the GPA earned up to the time of calculation. A CGPA of 1.50 or more is considered to be a good grade point. Another measurement used is the Weighted Grade Point [WGP]. This is the product of the Credit Hours for the course and the Grade Point for the course. The Final Grade Point Average [FGPA] is the CGPA at the end of a program of study.

Steps for Qualifying for a Degree or Diploma

To qualify for a Degree or Diploma a student is expected to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Be regularly enrolled in a Degree or Diploma program of the Institute.
  • Meet all the Institute and Departmental conditions for the award of the Degree or Diploma.
  • Pass all the courses in the registered program of study.
  • Pass all courses within the maximum period for that program.
  • Have the specified minimum credits for the particular programme.
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 1.5 or more, which shall be the Grade Point Average (GPA) computed using all the grades obtained in the duration of the programme.
  • Should have fulfilled all financial obligations to the Institute and duly completed the Clearance process.

This section contains some general information about the important events and functions organised at the Institute campus. It includes the basic information about the other facilities offered by BIT such as the Library, Conference halls etc.

Important Ceremonies

In accordance with other educational institutions worldwide, Balsam Institute of Science and Technology holds various ceremonies all year round to mark important milestones in the life of the Institute. Some of the most important ceremonies include:

Orientation of Students

The students’ Orientation takes place at the beginning of an academic year, and all freshmen/ women must be present. The purpose of the orientation program can be summarised as follows:

  • To welcome the new students and help them to adjust and settle down into the campus life
  • To guide them through the registration procedure
  • To expose them to the various facilities available in the Institute
  • To introduce the minds of students to the new world of Institute life
  • To familiarize the rules and regulations that govern the relationship between the students and the Students Representative Council.
  • To enlighten the students about their rights, privileges, obligations and responsibilities regarding Institute authorities and their governing bodies.

The matriculation ceremony is held in the first semester to formally register all new students enrolled to pursue degrees, diplomas, and other programs. Attendance at the ceremony is compulsory, and no new student is allowed to continue in the Institute or take any Institute’s examination unless they have been duly matriculated.


The Graduation ceremonies are organised to honour those students who have successfully completed their programs of study. Students may participate in graduation ceremonies only if they have satisfied all the requirements of the institute, departmental and faculty. Students are also expected to have settled all financial indebtedness to the Institute and should have returned all institute’s property in their possession.

Facilities and Learning Resources

In Ghana, Balsam Institute of Science and Technology is one of the leaders in providing some of the most advanced learning and teaching facilities. The Institute has invested in state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities so students have access to the latest technology and advanced resources.


These policies have been adopted by the Library Committee to govern the day-to-day operation of the library.

  • The library is open to all members of the Institute. No discrimination is allowed on religious, racial, social, economic, or political status; or because of emotional, or physical condition; age; or sexual orientation.
  • The use of the library may be denied for valid reasons such as failure to return library materials or to pay penalties, destruction of library property, disturbance of other patrons, or any other illegal, disruptive, or objectionable conduct on library premises.

The library offers the following services:

  • Circulation – The lending and borrowing of books and other materials, and their returns and renewals as specified.
  • Reference – The use of Library resources for research or for getting additional information.
  • Reprographic – The practice of copying or reproducing study material at a reduced cost.

For a user to qualify to borrow materials, he/she must be registered and have a valid Balsam ID card. Outsiders who are not Balsam students and staff will not be allowed to borrow materials. They may however use the library for reference services only.
All patrons are expected to carry their cards on them if they want to check out items. An individual who ignores this expectation will be denied the privilege of checking out materials until he/she presents his/her card at the library.

Fines and Charges

Borrowers will be fined for not returning borrowed materials on the due dates. Failure to respond to requests for return of overdue materials will lead to suspension of library borrowing privileges for a period determined by the Librarian.

Other Library rules

Borrowers will be fined for not returning borrowed materials on the due dates. Failure to respond to requests for return of overdue materials will lead to suspension of library borrowing privileges for a period determined by the Librarian.

  • Any lost material should be promptly reported to the circulation desk. Borrowers losing or failing to return material, or returning material in damaged condition will be subjected to penalties.
  • Due to the limited study space in the library, study space cannot be reserved.
  • Books and personal belongings left unattended are at the risk of the owner.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the library.
  • Personal belongings such as bags etc must not be carried inside the library.
  • Silence must be maintained while using the library. No noise is allowed inside the library.
  • The use of cell phones in the library is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized removal of materials, or tampering with the library data or files will be considered as a serious offence.
  • Users with complaints can talk to any of the Library Assistants.
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