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Research & Innovation

At Balsam Institute of Science & Technology, we encourage and believe in the power of Research. Essentially, Research is a way of expanding our knowledge by applying it in innovative ways, for the benefit of society and humankind. Research and innovation involve a partnership between different branches of Science & Technology, and also between the people involved in research. Research offers an opening for our new graduates and diploma holders to further enrich their education. The various departments and labs in BIT are in the process of collaborating with industry, to explore new dimensions in scientific research and innovation. At BIT, we are also looking to collaborate with some leading local, national, and international organizations to explore further opportunities for developmental research.

Innovation in education encourages students to explore and use the tools of education to discover something new. It provides a new and different way of looking at existing problems and solving them. We hope that the deep-thinking process that is needed for research and innovation will help students develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

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