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Academic Calendar

The proposed semester timetable is provided below. Students have to note that this timetable is subject to change. However, students will be informed well in advance about the change in timings.

First Semester is from August – December
  • Second/First Monday of August: Orientation Program and registration by Freshmen
  • Third/First Wednesday of August: Registration by enrolled students
  • Following Monday: Classes begin for all
  • Expected number of weeks in the semester for teaching and assessment: 16 weeks, including the period for registration and about two weeks of Christmas and New Year break.
Second Semester is from February – June
  • Second Tuesday of February: Registration of course by all students.
  • Following Monday: Lectures begin for all
  • Expected number of weeks in the semester for teaching and assessment: 16 weeks
Long Vacation/Industrial Attachment
  • The second week of June to the last week of July: Compulsory Industrial Attachment for all first-year students for eight weeks.
  • The re-sit/Supplementary Examinations: Between the second and third weeks of August
  • Long Vacation courses: These classes usually run for about six weeks beginning around the second/third week of August. These courses are open to both students of the Institute and other members of the community
Structure of Semester

A semester shall be of 18 weeks duration, structured as follows:

  • 15 weeks of Teaching
  • 1 week of Revision
  • 2 weeks of Examinations
  • The academic year of the Institute consists of two semesters with about three weeks break between
  • the semesters. Each semester is of 16 weeks duration for instructions and examinations with additional three days for registration.
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