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Clubs & Student Organization

Balsam IT encourages the formation of clubs and societies so students can become accustomed to partaking in social activities, develop cordial relationships with each other, and cultivate mutual respect between themselves and their professors.

The Students’ Representative Council must apply for approval and recognition of a Society or Club to the Dean of Students. A detailed description of the name of the founder(s), officers, patron (s), objectives, and constitution of the Society should accompany the application.

Religious Societies/Clubs should apply to the Chaplaincy Board for approval or recognition.

A club or society will be recognized only if it is open to all members of the student body.

Students Societies shall be of two kinds

  • Approved Societies
  • Recognized Societies

Approved and Recognised Societies are members of the relevant committees of the Student Representative Council. However, only recognized societies are entitled to operate funds from the Institute, which may be granted through the Student Representative Council.

An Institutional Senior Member must serve as the Patron of any society that receives or collects funds.

Before the end of the Academic Year, the Treasurer must submit a completed Annual Statement of the club’s Income and Expenditure to the Dean of Students. This will be displayed on the Institute Notice Boards.

A new executive is elected every year. At the beginning of each semester, the club and society secretaries must send a listing of their principal officers and committee members, along with a copy of the club or society’s program to the Dean of Students and the Students’ Representative Council.

The patron’s responsibility is to request formal permission in writing from the Dean of Students before any arrangements are made to invite lecturers or performers from outside the Institute. Only when permission has been granted for the invitation to be made will Clubs or Societies be allowed to invite outside speakers or artists.

There are some conditions in place for using the Auditorium and certain other rooms for meetings. A department head’s permission is always required before using these rooms. The department requires at least 48 hours’ notice before the use of spaces.

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