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Balsam Academics

Balsam IT (also known as BIT) is a well-established and strong Information Technology institution backed with years of experience. It is the premier academy for specialised programs in computer proficiency, software development, IT security and diploma programs. We are motivated and equipped to provide our students with specially tailored courses in IT knowledge.

At Balsam IT, we follow a unique methodology based on our expertise, experience and a combination of internationally accepted and acclaimed industry standards. Balsam courses aim to provide a sound theoretical foundation and practical hands-on skills to enable students to think systematically and logically while providing IT-based solutions. The training encompasses Hardware, Software Development, Database Administration, Networking and Systems Administration. There are also specialised training programs in Cloud Computing, Information Security and other specialised programs.

We train to develop aspiring careers in the Information Technology domain. We provide education to corporate industries and Education Institutions in the field of Information Technology.

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