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For School Counsellors

At Balsam Institute of Science & Technology, we are committed to helping students grow into better individuals and make necessary improvements in their respective industries utilizing the knowledge they are acquiring at the institution. To this end, we make sure that every student entrusted to our care is assigned a student counsellor.

Upon admission to the Institute and registration in any academic department, every student will be assigned an academic counsellor who will typically be a member of the academic staff at the department. The academic counsellor will usually be the initial point of contact for students. An academic counsellor will provide assistance, consultation, and advice on the students’ academic needs and seek information on their challenges before approaching the Head of Department. Additionally, each student will be assigned a hall counsellor who will guide on issues related to other welfare. The academic counsellor and the hall counsellor may be the same individuals in some cases.

Each of our provisions is designed to benefit students. Students can take advantage of all our facilities to maximize their benefits and make their time on campus and in the course as productive as possible.

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