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Terms & Conditions

Use of Website

Balsam Institute of Science & Technology (BIT) is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this website by anyone. You will not use the Website for illegal purposes. You will

  • Abide by all local, state, national, and international laws and regulations in your use of this Website (including laws on intellectual property),
  • Not cause interference or disrupt the use of this Website by other users,
  • Not resell or copy material on this Website,
  • Not engage either directly or indirectly in transmitting “spam”, chain letters, junk mail or any other type of unsolicited communication, and
  • Not defame, harass, or abuse other users of the Website.

For the Institute

Please read all the details, rules, terms and conditions very carefully. Balsam Institute of Science & Technology (BIT)will not be responsible for any consequences/ losses. Please save these terms and conditions for your own reference.

  • Balsam Institute of Science & Technology reserves the right to regularly update / improve these Rules, Regulations, Terms, Conditions, Fee Structures, Course Patterns, Syllabus, etc. Please visit the website regularly for updates / announcements / changes and also check all your emails regularly.
  • All students must refer to the students portal for updated content regarding important announcements for examinations and submission of assignments. Balsam Institute of Science & Technology will not be responsible for any losses due to old content.
  • On successful completion of admission formalities, each student will receive an Identity Card, Study Material / Reference Books, Course Completion Certificate, etc., according to our rules and regulations.
  • Students must inform Balsam Institute of Science & Technology (BIT) in advance if there is any change in their address, email id, phone number, mobile number, or any other details. Always use the same email ID used during the application or only the registered email ID for all correspondence.
  • Balsam Institute of Science & Technology reserves the right to alter course content and structure, course fees, or any other terms and conditions described in this site / brochure without notice at any time; and deny enrollment to any person without explanation.
  • It is requested / suggested that all students be informed about and follow the deadlines or final dates for fees submission.
  • All our courses, study material and other contents are for educational and informational purposes only. Balsam Institute of Science & Technology will not be responsible for their misuse.
  • All courses, content and all course-related activities are conducted in ENGLISH language only. Students are deemed to have adequate knowledge of the English Language.
  • Our courses are for the educational advancement of our students. Balsam Institute of Science & Technology provides job assistance to our students if their basic qualification meets the eligibility criteria, but it should not be considered a Job Guarantee or Assured Placement.
  • Balsam Institute of Science & Technology is not responsible in any way for the decisions and actions taken by independent entities such as franchises or affiliated centers, and they are solely responsible for their activities.
  • All students must have basic knowledge about computers, the internet, and emails to access online portals, receive study materials, check announcements, updates, exam schedule, appear in online exams or submit assignments, etc. Balsam Institute of Science & Technology will not be responsible for losses due to a lack of computer knowledge.
  • You can contact us at or for any admission or registration-related queries. Balsam Institute of Science & Technology will not be responsible for any losses / complaints due to your email account hacking or other cyber-related issues.
  • All rights are reserved, including the right of admission / registration AND exam / scholarship related rights. All final decisions will be taken by the Concerned Authority. It will be permitted or granted only after proper procedure and decision from the concerned authority.

Please read all the rules, regulations, terms and conditions carefully (Before Application and Fee Payment), to avoid trouble or misunderstandings in the future. Balsam IT will not accept any violations of rules, terms and conditions or unacceptable arguments, inappropriate behavior, negligence to confirm dates and / or submit assignments, failure to comply with fee payment rules, or with other updates, changes, announcements, etc.

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