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Balsam Admissions

There are several courses available at the Balsam Institute of Science and Technology to accommodate the fast-paced work environment. We currently offer four types of undergraduate programs, which include

4-year Degree Programmes
2½ year top-up Degree Programmes
2-year Diploma Programmes
6-month Certificate Programmes

Newcomers, as well as experienced candidates, can choose courses according to their professional goals. Experienced candidates can enrol in top-up degree programmes or certificate courses if they feel the need to upskill.

Balsam Institute of Science & Technology follows specific admission policies and principles that a student must meet to be accepted into one of our programes.

Students are considered for acceptance to a program if they have the background and abilities to succeed in the Programmes to which they are being offered admission.

The basis for making admission offers is, broadly, academic achievement and achievements in particular fields of endeavor.

The Balsam Institute of Science and Technology welcomes students of all races, genders, nationalities, and ethnicities.

Medical Examination

As a condition of admission, applicants are required to undergo specific medical exams. A medical examination would be required at the beginning of the Programmes of study at a designated health facility. If the applicant’s medical condition is not satisfactory at the time of registration, they may be refused registration

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