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Admission + Aid

The Balsam Institute of Science and Technology (BIT) offers students a range of degree, diploma, and certificate programmes to enhance their career prospects. We strive to provide students with both technical and vocational training. We staunchly believe in our motto “The Standard of Excellence, an Education for Life”. Thus, we ensure all students working towards achieving their professional goals receive the necessary support and resources they need from the institute.

Our goal is to create a competitive yet supportive environment for our students and to accomplish that, we make an effort to create a scholarly and research atmosphere in which new ideas and innovations flourish, fostering the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. To reinforce the educational and research ecosystem, we collaborate with other academic and research institutes around the world.

Upon enrolling in any of our 4-year Degree Courses, freshmen will be able to select a course they wish to pursue as a career and gain extensive knowledge in the subject, giving them a strong understanding of the subject.

Balsam IT offers Certificate Courses, which are perfect for professionals looking for a crash course in a certain subject. These courses are aimed at providing the candidates with the adequate and necessary knowledge about the subject, enabling them to implement it immediately upon completion.

Our Diploma Courses are an excellent choice for recent graduates looking to further their education. Students in the diploma programmes will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject, which will allow them to begin implementing the subject right away.

We strive to make education accessible to all. Our financial aid programs exist to help students gain knowledge in the fields they wish to pursue. With our financial aid programmes, we believe all qualified students should have the opportunity to get into BIT, regardless of their financial situation, and acquire the knowledge they seek.

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